• Author Suchismita Ghoshal hails from West Bengal, India. At the very early age of 23, she has shaped her life in a way where she cuddles with literature and devotes herself into finding peace through love, compassion, learning & community service. With an academic career in science till graduation, she is currently pursuing her masters in business administration ( MBA) from the renowned GD Goenka University in Gurgaon, Haryana. Besides that, she is a professional writer, published author, internationally acclaimed poet, literary critic, literary influencer, content writing member for WEST BENGAL UNITED NATIONS YOUTH ASSOCIATION, INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION OF UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS & HELPING HAND INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION, change-activist & a nature lover. With more than 520 coveted co-authorship in various renowned national & international anthologies, prestigious literary magazines, websites, webzines and eminent literary journals, she fosters to carry forward her literary career in a more prominent way. She has also authored 3 poetry books by the name of "Fields of Sonnet", " Poetries in Quarantine" & "Emotions & Tantrums". Her poems have been translated into Arabic & Italian till now. She has an enormous number of accolades and highly elegant achievements entangled with her name for her indomitable willpower and excellence in hardworking. Few of them are enlisted below : 1) REX KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARD( instituted by iCONGO and powered by UNITED NATIONS), 2)AUTHOR PAGES BEST WOMAN WRITER AWARD 2020, 3)INDIAN YOUTH GENIUS AWARD 2020, 4) INDIAN YOUTH STAR AWARDS 2020, 5) AAGHAAZ 2K20 AWARD, 6)THE SPIRIT MANIA INFLUENTIAL WOMEN AWARD 2020, 7)TOP 50 POPULAR AUTHOR AWARDS 2020 By THE SPIRIT MANIA 8) NE8X LITERARY AWARD 2020, 9) INTERNATIONAL GOLDEN AWARD by Deep Dan Foundation 2020, 10) INDIA STAR PERSONALITY AWARD 2020 by India Star Book of Records 11) ASIA PRIDE AWARDS 2021 etc. She can be contacted through her, FB : https://m.facebook.com/suchismita.ghoshal.96, Insta :https://www.instagram.com/storytellersuchismita/ Wordpress : https://creativesuchi.wordpress.com Website : www.suchismitaghoshal.com

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