Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday My daughter was in the labor room, I asked the gynecologist, though not wild, What the ultra sound reports bloom? The report has shown a female child. A mother of one male and two females, My daughter wanted a male child this time, We're praying and praying to Divine Scales, To balance the stanza with a handsome rhyme. One hour after the last ultra sound, My daughter gave birth to a handsome child, A piece of beauty making every one bound, To look at him, and kiss like a wild. There are certain things that God only knows, Fate, some thing definite and some are hanging, Hung fate changes by prayers and bows, Definite is definite, may be pleasing or paining. And today is the birthday of that lovely nice boy, My dear Hassan, I wish and pray, A lovely long life with the moon light's joy, Have a happy, happy, happy, very happy nice day. (25th of May, the birthday of Hassan, son of my daughter,) ,
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