Bestfriend Birthday

A level of friendship that words are no longer needed My heart love to you is more than 100% conceded we’re both tired of saying the same thing at same time We are family, soul mates & partners in crime And I’m happy that it is finally your Birthday’ I will tell u that YOU really define my life, OKAY! And whether you like it or not it is not even an option to stay We share memories, crazy stuff & together we play And we’ll always continue to be till our hair turns grey You make me smile even when you’re not around My care for you is really very profound You’re always there for me in my ups and downs Our friendship must be awarded a crown You’ll graduate within a years and wear cap & gown And I’ll be crying out of joy hoping you unlimited success And praying to see u with your astonishing white dress I’ll always remember our talk and chatter Having you is simply what for me matters And I know it’s unnecessary to flatter Just will wish to continue like this together For the finishing I’d thank u for being my true friends That whom I will always on depend.
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