The Changing Mind

A captain remains in his bubble. Suddenly thorns pop it and he falls beneath disordered waves. Light reaches the ocean in chaos for such a picture. Reflections break apart upon impact. Everything splatters under the floating revolutions. The ship just passes. More oil fills the drip in tension against rising volume and falling spheres. Vision becomes the invisible object within touch. Wind moves into black holes across the universe. Dreams get loaded in his mind as ghosts to slumber. Gold is only lost to him where spirits pass the eternal key. His chest withholds the heart until further notice. No angel can twist a source like his. Forms along resting keep whatever void in connection towards loss. Burning desire stops any breath from drifting into forgotten space. Over the next greeting comes his fortune within barriers. Piracy creeps into his thoughts while cost blows the sail away. Channels between various a land hold on the pause during relapse. Its edge around drama only fulfills the shame leaning on a view.
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