Arms from the ocean crawled into some chain. No strings were attached for heavy metal of this breed. Each link became a seed until the whole mountain crawled beneath it. Trees used to sing one day while I searched my own broken heart. Glass was ripped to shreds by an eagle with tender claws. His eyes poured fumes against the oncoming wings between his feathers. Clouds left their zest, my orange knot got inside the weak hole. I played the keys during the opening ceremony. We stretched our limbs and burned a tree along the lines. Fishes eventually had bitten those leaves over the approaching lavenders. Death reapers hatched from their eggs after consuming time. Birds flew into their vault and locked themselves with a safe code of honor. Privacy moved every table where doors slammed shut upon their pins. A balloon continued to grow until the skin evaporated with dirty fingernails. Light slowed down to a crawl above the same grounds for weight. Jays flocked onto a wire and called by notes in a horse's breath.
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