Ph.D.Topics On Keki N.Daruwalla

Keki N.Daruwalla As A Parsi Poet: A Study of His Myth & Poetic Persona, Keki N.DaruwallaAs An Evolving Poet: A Journey From Cobweb of Words To The Present, Keki N.Daruwalla: A Poet of The Browningian, Hughesian Outset, Keki N.Daruwalla: A Poet of Robust Humanism, The Hard Heart of Keki N.Daruwalla: A Study of His Poetry, The Poetic World of Keki N.Daruwalla: A Contrast In Tiger & Lambian Elements, The Poetry Curfew, Disease, Death And Violence: A Study In Daruwalla's Poetry, The Thematic Crux And Poetic Craft of Keki N.Daruwalla: A Critical Study, These are the topics I would suggest to a scholar Had I, But this is India, I cannot be a guide here, Those who cannot be will be.


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