Acting Your Age

You can't report on education that's not achieved. By that, I mean reporting on college when you're a kid, for example. Right now my education has been done. I don't go to school anymore and just make a guess on vitals. People need paper, pencils, and computers. More is needed when required. Still, whatever goes on in education today is only somewhat my business. Universities involve meeting people with education you've not had. Different tastes, colors, shades, ideas, and such get refused or accepted. Of course it's not good for a little kid to report on my education. A child by law doesn't have the same rights that I do. I've been to schools, colleges, and universities and show the ropes. Children need to listen to us and only give marginal input. Kids can't report on adult education- they haven't had the experiences. If a kid can't smoke and drink beer, why should little children report on college?


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